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Angel Ranch

Embossed Crystal Inlay

Embossed Crystal Inlay


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The Angel Ranch Women’s Embossed Crystal Inlay Belt (D140005808) is a stylish accessory that seamlessly blends Western charm with fashionable flair. Here are the key details about this beautiful belt:

  • Design: Crafted from genuine tan leather, this belt features floral embossing with small crystal inlay.
  • Buck Lacing: It has buck lacing along the sides for added detail.
  • Buckle: The shiny silver buckle showcases floral engraving and crystal accents.
  • Width: The belt is 1 ½ inches wide.
  • Available Sizes:
    • Small (S): Fits waist size 30 inches
    • Medium (M): Fits waist size 34 inches
    • Large (L): Fits waist size 38 inches
    • Extra Large (XL): Fits waist size 42 inches

Top off your outfit with this Angel Ranch belt, perfect for both special occasions and everyday wear!

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