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Don't Tread on Me

Don't Tread on Me


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The A903 Don’t Tread On Me Roped Attitude Buckle is a captivating accessory that combines rugged style with a touch of Americana. Crafted from 12-gauge steel, this buckle features a rounded leather slot and measures 3.88" wide x 3.01" tall. The design is a silver-toned buckle with a coiled rattlesnake in the center. From there, the words “Don’t Tread On Me” frame the top and bottom. Stars, stripes, filigree, and roping detail balance out this buckle to bring it to life. It comes with a standard 1.5-inch belt swivel.

  • Material: Silver plate over a brass base with a Montana Armor protective finish to prevent tarnish.
  • Warranty: Attitude buckles have a 1-year limited warranty on manufacturing defects when accompanied by a receipt.

Whether you’re a proud patriot, a history enthusiast, or simply appreciate unique craftsmanship, the A903 buckle symbolizes rights, individual belief, and showcases American liberties. Pair it with your favorite belt and let your inner spirit shine! 🇺🇸

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