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Deadwood 4X

Deadwood 4X


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  • The Stetson Deadwood 4X Cowboy Hat is a high-quality 4X wool cowboy hat that embodies classic Western style. Here are the key details about this iconic hat:

    1. Design Features:

      • Color: White
      • Crown Height: Taller silhouette with a 4 5/8” crown
      • Brim: Curved 4” brim
      • Buckle Detail: Elegant 3-piece silver buckle at the matching hatband
      • Comfort: Leather interior sweatband for a comfortable fit
      • Craftsmanship: Proudly made in the U.S.A.
    2. Setting the Standard:

      • Stetson’s heritage dates back to the 1860s when John B. Stetson crafted the modern cowboy hat during a sudden rainstorm in the Colorado Rockies.
      • Crafted with impeccable all-American craftsmanship, this hat continues Stetson’s legacy of enduring quality.
    3. Worn the World Over:

      • Each Stetson hat is unique, worn by true individuals who appreciate timeless style and enduring quality.
      • The Deadwood 4X Cowboy Hat transcends trends and unites a community of hat enthusiasts.

    Whether you’re riding the open range or stepping out in town, the Stetson Deadwood 4X Cowboy Hat is a symbol of rugged elegance and Western tradition. 

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