The Significance of Proper Boot Fitment

The Importance Boot Fitment

We all have footwear that felt good when we bought them, but then wound up sitting in our closet never worn because they just didn’t fit right. This is why having your boots expertly fit is the most important aspect of buying new boots. You will never achieve the “Fits Like a Glove” feel without properly fit boots. An expertly fit boot will look nicer, last longer, and feel better.


At Circle B we have over 50 years of experience and knowledge passed down to the next generation fitting boots. We understand how different leathers, finishes, toe types, heel types, and soles all affect how your boot should feel and fit. Pat, Lynn, and myself, Jackson, the family who owns and operates Circle B, not only have the most experience, we also care the most. We would NEVER leave in a pair of boots that don’t fit just to make a sale.


Boot Fitment FAQ’s


I watched a video and read articles on how my boots should fit, do I still need an expert?

Yes. While having a general understanding of how a boot should fit is a good thing to know, it’s just that, a general understanding. What they don’t do is take into consideration the type of boot, the type and thickness of leather, what the sole is made of, and all the aspects necessary if fitting a boot properly.


Should all boots fit about the same?

No. An exotic boot will have different needs in fitment than say a Buffalo hide work boot, or your everyday cow hide.


Will I be the same size in a Western Boot that I am in sneakers?

Possibly, but often, no. Boot size isn’t an exact science. It is very common to be an entire size up or down from your sneaker. In fact, if you bought 3 pairs of boots there is a good chance you would end up in 3 different sizes.


What happens if I get Western Boots that are too small?

Beyond just being too uncomfortable to wear, you could experience calf pain, sore toes, the development of corns, and blisters. A boot may still be too small even if it’s not tight.


What happens if I get Western Boots that are too big?

This is the most common mistake made in fitting a boot. A boot that is too big will wear out quicker, cause back pain, blistering, and sore arches. A Western Boot is made with specific contours, and when the boot is too big they don’t match up with your foot like they are supposed to wreaking havoc on your body.